Top 10 Jobs For Fresh Grads In The Philippines

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Graduation – done. Next step – apply, interview and get a job! Where should you start looking? Here are the top ten industries paying the most for fresh graduates according to JobStreet’s 2014 salary survey, as well as the specializations that command higher entry-level salaries. Read on, know what you can expect and see what you need to get in!

 1. Travel and Tourism

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 20,629

You don’t necessarily need to be a B.S. Tourism graduate to get in, though it helps. There are many different professions within those industries that let you get a foot in the door even if you’ve studied a different field. Positions include reservation officers, customer service representatives, flight attendants, cabin crew members and more.


2. Telecommunications

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 19,975

A strong second when it comes to great opportunities for fresh graduates, it wasn’t even on the list last year. Engineers often command the highest salaries in the field of entrants, but if you aren’t one, you’ve still got a shot in different positions including customer service, sales and accounting.


3. Computer Information Technology (Hardware)

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 18,963

It pays to be a techie! Computer IT specializing in hardware is actually the number one paying field of expertise this year, with salaries averaging PhP 19,447 for new graduates. If you’re not one of them, don’t despair, you can still go into this industry via accounting, sales and customer service positions.


4. Hotel and Hospitality

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 18,940

With the renewed interest culinary arts and hotel/restaurant management as a college specialization, it’s a good thing this industry made it into this year’s list. Employers favor graduates of management of course, but you still have a shot if you aren’t one, there are always spots for those specializing in sales, marketing, accounting and more


5. Computer Information technology (Software)

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 18,863

If you’ve seen all those articles about why every kid should learn to program, here’s why. IT experts are in demand– and not just in this specific industry. Software engineers, programmers and designers all have a good shot.


6. Health and Medical

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 18, 387

If your healthcare are the third-highest paid among those in entry-level positions according to the survey, earning an average of PhP 19, 179. Those in non-medical occupations make just a little less- but still among the top ten.


7. Call Center/BPOs

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 17,711

It doesn’t matter what you studied in college– if you have a fairly good command of English and highly trainable for customer service, technical support and other requirements, you can be among the highest-paid new graduates. Bonus: you’ll probably train under an accent coach and henceforth have what’s known as a generic American accent.


8. Banking and Finance

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 17,503

If you’ve got the math and marketing skills, go where the money is: the country’s banks and other financial institutions. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Caveat: they’re pretty much sticklers for good greats so if yours aren’t that stellar, you might want to try a different industry.


9. Law and Legal

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 16, 845

Last year’s top payer falls to number nine this year. A highly specialized field, there’s not much leeway for graduates of other courses, but you could still try, especially if you’re planning to go into law later– you can’t beat practical experience.


10. Education

Average Monthly Salary: PhP 16, 507

It’s probably a good sign that teachers are getting paid better– education finally makes it to the top paying industries! And the benefits aren’t just financial, studies show that teachers rate high in terms of sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction.

By the way, salaries quoted are basic and don’t include benefits and other perks. Not too shabby right? So polish that resume, Google the list of companies in the industry you’re looking at, and get going with those applications!

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