3 Ways To Get Fit for Less

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Its the start of the week and you’re back in the grind again: breakfast, bathe, dress up, and you’re off to work. Oh wait, you do your final check in the mirror first. Then you go. But the last image of yourself struck you: Bulging tummy, pants too tight, and your face looking like siopao by the day.

Looking good and feeling good totally contribute to your productivity at work, social life and not to mention increase in confidence. Signing up for a gym membership maybe an option, but some may find it too expensive. Well, I got cheap tips and go to places to do your work out and lose the unwanted fats without costing you an arm and a leg.

University of The Philippines Oval, Diliman Quezon City

The road to looking good and feeling good starts here
The road to looking good and feeling good starts here

Walking is one way of burning calories, running on the other hand helps it burn faster. The UP oval is a perfect spot to jog and unleash the inner Nigerian in you, as it has a special runners lane perfect for sprinting or brisk walking. Its also an easy commute as you can ride a jeep with “UP Ikot” signage at SM North Edsa Jeepney bay.

UP Oval: no fee
Jeepney fare: P8.50 2x (North Edsa -> UP Oval -> North Edsa)

Buy a bike and ride it

Fancy a bike ride with Papa P.?
Fancy a bike ride with Papa P.?

Biking doesn’t just burn calories, it also helps form and strengthen you legs, and tones you all over. You may be bit skeptical of buying one, but think of it as an investment. A 3,000 peso worth of bike can last for more than a year compared to paying the same amount for the monthly gym membership.

Bike – P3,000
Gym Membership – P3,000 x 12 = P36,000 annually
Where to find cheap bikes? Cartimar has a wide range of bikes from new to second hand ones (from China and Japan) starting at 1,500 pesos. Your awesome haggling skills can come handy when the need arise.

DIY Home Work Out

A friendly reminder from Britney Spears: You want a hot bodeeh? You better work, B*tch!
A friendly reminder from Britney Spears: You want a hot bodeeh? You better work, B*tch!

Put your internet at home to good use by searching for work out videos in youtube. You can convert your room to a hot yoga area. Or do Zumba at the comforts of your own living room. Influencing your parents to show off their dancing skills adds up to the fun. Your new mantra should be: “The family that exercise together stays fit forever!”

Monthly DSL fee: P1,200
Jeepney/ Bus fare: P0

If you swear to be a gymrat and only prefer to work out with all the equipments and sweaty bodies, you may also want to check your company and see if you can avail of their corporate accounts before signing up to any gym facilities. Membership fee is alot more cheaper (P1,000/month, credited to your payslip) to either Gold’s Gym or Fitness First branches nationwide.


Got any more suggestions on how to get fit without breaking the bank? Share them in the comments section below.

Images: Mike Mutia, ValleyBikes, MissLimalicious

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways To Get Fit for Less

  1. MM (Michael Mutla), would it be nice to stay fit and save money as well?
    I would only suggest: try choosing cheap healthy foods over those expensive greasy ones.

      1. Yeah that’s true, what are the healthier food choices? I remember having difficulty finding healthy food while on a budget in Manila. It would be great to learn about this! 🙂

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