5 Stripper-Free and Inexpensive Stag Party Ideas That Spell FUN !

stag party philippines

Before the I-Do’s, dudes are all looking forward to a night of fun called the stag party. Its that one last night where the groom and his closest buddies go out, share a few drinks and do crazy stuff together.

Boys will be boys! Naked women, lap dances and booze sums up an awesome stag party, but since we are a family oriented website, we are keeping our posts rated G. In this article, we present you cheap and wholesome alternatives to the usual boys night out that won’t skimp on the fun.


1. Karaoke

We pinoys love to scream our lungs out whenever theres a karaoke machine available, and nothing rivals the humiliation factor of a maka-basag ear drum performance. Make the game even more interesting by lining up popular pinoy choices from power ballad Aegis songs, to upbeat backstreet boys tunes. Guest can either perform individually or as a group (depending on the amount of apog they bring in). The groom can play as judge and whoever gets the lowest score must face consequence. Just remember that if you’re planning to do it at home, better keep things low when the clock strikes 12mn so as not to disturb sleeping neighbours.


2. Video Arcade

Remember your high school days in Glico’s or Time Zone? You can re-live those moments and come as two opposing team playing your favorite arcade games. From basketball hoops to Street Fighter and Gran Turismo, there are many options to choose from. Heck you can even play foosball should you run out of power card credit! Or if you’re ashamed to mix in the preteen crowd, you can set up a fancy NBA tournament at your buddy’s house so you can trash talk all you want with the opposing team. Just remember that no matter how awful of a player the groom is, just let him win anyway.


3. Sports Night

What better way to bring all your buddies together than by arranging the bachelor party on the night of a big game: basketball, football, UFC, or whatever’s on. Take over one of the grooms men’s house to cut down the cost, couple it with street food hits like fish balls, isaw, BBQ, kropek, ice cold beer, and you’re in for an awesome night.


4. Play Tong-Its (or any card game)

It’s the cheapest entertainment option, and probably the card game most of your buddies are familiar with. Since this is just a friendly match, you don’t need to put out a huge amount on bets. If you plan to buy a gift for the groom, you and your friends can use your individual winnings and get him something that he can use on his honeymoon.


5.  Go on a Road Trip

Hit the road with the gang and go to some place where you can do group sports or activities. If on a tight budget, then maybe camping out at the beach in Batangas or Zambales would be a better alternative. Add up the fun by grilling the groom in answering some forbidden questions until he taps out, you will be surprised by his answers, so the more scandalous your questions are, the better. Just remember the golden rule, what happens in the stag party stays in the stag party! Never spill all the nitty gritty details outside of the group, especially to the bride or her friends (i.e. your girlfriends).

What other cost-effective ideas do you have for a night of fun? Share your thoughts with us here!


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