5 Tasty Binondo Hangouts for the Budget Pinoy

places to eat in binondo

Binondo isn’t just home to cheap goods. It is also a bustling food haven that is worth braving the traffic for.

If you want to break away from the usual Chowking quick fix, and want to experience our Chinoy brethrens culinary expertise, then check out these eating places that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


1. Wai Ying

Wai Ying is a Hong Kong style restaurant where you get what you want cheap and fast. Never mind the ambiance but their offerings are incredibly good especially their siomai, my all time favorite. Pair it up with their ice cold Nai Cha (milk tea) and you’re solb! Other offerings include fish congee, beef curry rice, spare ribs pot rice and their tasty Asado.

Price: Meal starts at P150, dimsum ala- carte starts at P75 (4pcs)
Location: They have two branches, one along Benavidez Street, and the other on Ongpin Street which mostly caters to take out orders.


2. New Poh Heng Lumpia House

New Poh Heng can make you sexy with its veggie-filled lumpia
New Poh Heng can make you sexy with its veggie-filled lumpia

If you want to break away from fast-food stuff and is looking for some healthy options, Poh Heng just got that thing for you. Its a small family- run eatery and their main offering is the packed lumpia which is 90% vegetables and surprisingly filling. What makes it even more special is that its prepared fresh daily by the owners and their small staff of helpers. If you are looking for some cheap thrills, this has got to be one of the best deals in Binondo.

Price: Lumpia at P50
Location: 531 Quintin Paredes Street , Binondo, Manila


3. Dong Bei Dumpling

dong bei fried dumplings

If you’re a self- confessed dumpling muncher, then Dong Bei is the right place for you. Do not be fooled with its interiors, but this place makes one of the best dumplings this side of Binondo. Their deep fried dumpling is so heavenly you’ll forget your name. Best part is that they are incredibly cheap at P90 for the soupy 6pcs Xiao Long Bao!

Price: P100 can get you 14pc dumplings with pork and kuchay or 10pc of pork and shrimp dumplings
Location: 642 Yuchengco Street, Binondo Manila


4. QuickSnack



Nothing comes close to mom’s cooking. But if she’s not chinese, then you might be missing out on some great stuff.

Quick Snack offers honest to goodness tsinoy food, in generous servings at affordable prices. Some may say they offer nothing new, but Quick Snack is a neighbourhood restaurant, and you don’t go there for novelty and excitement, but for the comforting and familiar. They’ve got noodles, dimsum, and sandwiches perfect for meryenda.

Price: Dimsum starts at P40, Noodles at P110, Sandwiches starts at P75
Location: 637 Carvajal Street, Binondo Manila


5. Mr. Ube



From the makers of the famous hopia comes the spin off to Eng Bee Tin- Mr. Ube. Its a modestly-sized yet comfy restaurant that offer rice and noodle dishes that will satisfy your cravings at a very cheap price. Their beef maki noodles is very tasty, and the sweet & sour pork rice topping is a runaway hit. And since they are in the same location, bringing home some hopia goodies for pasalubong isn’t a bad idea.

Price: Noodles and rice toppings starts at P100, Ube Pao at P45, side orders at P48
Location:  Ongpin Street, Binondo Manila

Did we miss out on some other great Binondo hangouts? Tell us more about it in the comment section below. Remember, sharing is caring 🙂


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