5 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Finances


Sure, we don’t have spring in the Philippines, but that’s no reason to not go spring-cleaning. In fact, many households go spring-cleaning to welcome the New Year, but if you haven’t yet– don’t worry. Like they say, huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol rin.

Not motivated enough to sit down and get rid of all those junk on your desk, in your room and in your house? Here are five reasons that spring-cleaning can help your finances.

1. It can help save you on health costs.

Clutter gathers dust and that means allergies. It also gathers dirt, which comes with random germs – bacteria and viruses that can cause colds, flu and more.  It’s bad enough that this time of the year is cough and cold season, but you’re probably tipping the scales by not cleaning up. By getting rid of the old junk you don’t need and putting away the things you do– especially if you disinfect while you’re at it– you’re helping prevent sickness and disease.

By the way, health costs don’t just mean the money you spend on medicine and the doctor. By keeping healthy, you’re also avoiding sick days and protecting your ability to work and make money – something that definitely affects your finances.

2. Save on electricity costs.

Air conditioners use up more electricity cooling down a cluttered environment than an orderly one. Sure, you may not have been needing the airconditioner early in the year while the climate is cooler, but it’s easier to clean up in that weather than when it gets hot and cleaning up becomes exhausting work. (Clean your aircon filters while you’re at it.)  You’ll be saving more on electricity now and in the future plus putting away those things that have been piling up helps improve the quality of the air you breathe.

3. Less time looking for things– and save on buying duplicates.

Once you’ve cleaned up and organized your things, you’ll find that tasks run more smoothly, you do what you need to get done faster and all-in-all live more efficiently. How does this affect your finances? Remember, time IS money.

Besides, that spare iPhone charger cable you’ve been looking for these last three months will most likely turn up, which means when your current one breaks down, you won’t need to waste a lot of time looking– or buying another one when you can’t find it.

Bonus: knowing where everything is, including bills, also means fewer instances of late payments– those overdue charges add up to quite a lot of wasted money.

4. Garage sale time!

Cleaning, clearing and organizing will most probably yield a whole bunch of stuff that you no longer need or haven’t touched in a long time. And while they may no longer have value to you, someone else may be looking for them! You can put them up for sale– either in a neighborhood garage sale, online through, or just put them up on Facebook. You’ll make some money, and add a tidy sum into your savings account.

5. Less stress– more organizing.

You probably already know how stress affects your finances. An organized environment helps lower your stress levels, plus that organized mindset can extend into your financial life as well. Chances are, you’ll be encouraged to organize your receipts, look into your savings and draw up a plan for paying off those debts, and maybe inspire you to think of a new way to make more money. Wouldn’t that be great?

Spring cleaning is healthy– both for your and your finances. Get started now and reap the benefits for the whole year!

Do you have any more tips about decluttering your home, life and finances? Share them with us in the comments!

Judith Albano

I've been in advertising for 25 years, (60 if you count the overtime), writing for banks, pharmaceuticals, utilities, insurance and real estate companies, consumer brands, advocacy groups and whatnot. I've also written radio dramas and a film back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

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