Are You In Love? Here are a Few Tips on How to Not End up Broke and Broken Hearted


Oh the feeling of being in love! The best state to be at and, probably the worst when it comes to your spending. JLo is so wrong when she claims that love don’t cost a thing, because it sure can punch some holes in your pocket, one way or another.

Being in a relationship can cause you to bleed money. And when it comes to love, all the basics about being frugal goes out of the window because nothing else matters more than seeing that special someone smile. But you don’t always have to put your best foot forward. All is fair in love, and that you won’t end up broke and broken hearted  if you follow these practical suggestions to keep the love burning:


1. Monthsaries are Unnecessary

This little monthly celebration can accumulate a huge sum by the time you reach your anniversary. That is if it even reach half of the year. Most people I know who are so into monthsaries only last 6 months or less. So unless you’ve got money to spare to buy even the cheapest gift or taking your  jowa on a fast-food date, you still end up spending anyway.

Use and save the element of surprise once a year. Or do it when he/she expect the least. That way you don’t run out of ideas, and cash all at the same time.

2. Do Not Dress to Impress

Fancy clothing ain’t gonna make you look pretty. I know a few friends who can pull off a nice pair of ukay clothing and still look expensive. Bottom line is, if the person really loves you, then she/he can look beyond the physical aspect. Im not saying its ok to wear trashy clothes but looking good depends on how you feel about yourself no matter what clothes you wear.

Remember, natural beauty doesn’t need much effort. If you still feel unpretty, then just be nice and everything else will follow.


3. Splitting the Bill

You know you are in a healthy relationship when both parties know how to give and take. When going out for some quality time, take turns on who will foot the bill.

Any couple who spend a lot of time together have to make a decision about finances. And if you map out your own rules and continue to discuss about splitting the bills, you’ll create a solution that keeps your relationship strong and your financial commitments separate from your romance.


4. Have a Date Savings

Consider this as your date funds, where both of you love birds will pour in a considerable amount that you can use on special occasions. Depending on how much date funds you have, shall determine where you guys can go or what you can make use out of it.


5. Be Sweet and Creative Without Spending Much

As cliche as it may sound but love is in the details. I mean, if you really want to be romantic, you don’t have to shower your sweet half material things all the time. Instead, go out of your way to do something special or unexpected that would bring a pleasant smile on their face.

Little things like cooking breakfast, a cute sweet nothing note, or a simple hug can mean so much that no Prada or Jordan 11 can match. Sometimes, being cheesy alone can come handy, and could potentially save you a lot of money. 

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